Starting in April 2019, we will be recruiting and training residents in 5 Rural Communities to run this program in the schools and recreation centres. Giving the power to the people, one community at a time!

The Uniting our Nations Peer Mentoring Program connects secondary school students to meet weekly with the primary goal of developing positive relationships in a cultural safe and relevant environment.

The Fourth R Health Physical Education (HPE) – Indigenous Informed (curriculum based)

The Fourth R programs are evidence-based, evaluated, and founded on extensive research and apply best practice approaches to building skills and reducing harm among adolescents. This program meets many of the provincial Health Education outcomes, where best practice approaches are used to support youth in making healthy choices. The programs are also widely accepted as effective prevention programming on various registries across North America. Specifically, this Indigenous Informed Edition:

  • Reflects on the Reconciliation between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people
  • Situates some of the issues facing Indigenous youth in a historical context examining colonization practices, racism and oppression – for example, linking residential schools and the widespread effects of trauma in communities
  • Focuses on holistic models of healthy youth development and relationships with an emphasis on the connection to sexual decisions and substance use
  • Provides youth with opportunities to identify individual and community strengths within their cultural framework that will support them in making healthy choices
  • Employs culturally relevant teaching strategies such as the use of sharing circles and bringing community members into the classroom
  • Includes additional role play examples featuring Indigenous youth which support the curriculum by demonstrating healthy relationship skills in situations relevant to youth (e.g., racism at school, inter-cultural relationships)
  • Addresses cultural myths and stereotypes about substance use
  • Contracting an Aboriginal curriculum consultant to incorporate a cultural identity framework and identify other necessary components
  • Developing additional educational materials and role play examples with the assistance of Aboriginal student consultants
  • Consultation and input from numerous Aboriginal educators and leaders

This program was developed in partnership with Indigenous educators and youth.

Huge thank you to our sponsors, Syncrude and Enbridge!