2020/2021 Training Schedule at Keyano College now online!

Due to Covid, CISM courses will be delivered online, followed by practical review when in house training resumes.  

For Enquiries, please contact Val at rootstoresultstraining@gmail.com

Peer Mentoring for Indigenous Youth Training – Offered in the Rural Communities in 2020/2021

Program Overview

The Uniting Our Nations Peer Mentoring Program connects secondary school students to meet weekly with the primary goal of developing a positive relationship in a culturally safe and relevant environment. Sessions can be one on one with peer mentors and mentees, in small groups or as part of the larger group. Other sessions may include an adult Community Mentor. This program supports the development of healthy and positive relationships between younger secondary students and peer mentors from older grades, engages with relevant Indigenous topics in the school setting, helps smooth the transition from elementary school to secondary school for younger students, connects two people with similar interests and backgrounds, and includes sessions on Medicine Wheel teachings of wellness and mental health.

Compassionate Fatigue Workshops – Available on request.

Stress in the Workplace – Available  on Request.

Can’t come to Fort McMurray, we will go to you!

Send us an email at exec4cism@gmail.com for more information.