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Fort McMurray Fires – We were here!

Living in limbo after our traumatic event!

I just wanted to share some of my coping skills while I deal with having my life turned upside down and then to live in limbo, not knowing which direction to go, literally. We are all humans, our reactions will vary throughout this time, some will have anxiety, fear of the futures unknown, guilt if your house survived but your friends didn’t, grief and depression If you find yourself consumed with many feelings, that roller coaster ride, it’s ok but maybe there’s a few tricks you can do to help the day to day living. I am finding that making lists has lessened my anxiety. I wake up in the morning and pick only one, two or sometimes three items to complete. Otherwise, you will feel overwhelmed and this creates that anxious feeling we all know and hate. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself, do only what you can do that day as tomorrow is another day. If you and your loved ones are snapping at yourselves, be forgiving of them and yourself, these are tough times and even the Pope would snap, When this starts to happen, it is ok to say you need some time to yourself and take a walk, have some alone time. If a family member is snapping at you, don’t take it personal and suggest they have some alone time. You may also find you have memory problems, difficulty concentrating, terrible problem solving skills where before you were at the top of your game! This is normal too, Be kind to yourself and those around you. Recognize that you are have normal reactions to an abnormal event. I know I am having problems making simple decisions, normal. But, don’t make any big decisions right now, decide what you need at the moment, what your options are for later and give yourself time to think clearly before making that decision. Once you are able to start making some simple decisions, you will find it gets easier. Avoid too much media, it’s a great resource but can also lead to triggers, over and over again so give yourself a break. Avoid comparing yourself with others going through this, everyone is different and reacts differently. Try to maintain as much normalcy as possible during this time. If you usually go to the gym, try to find a gym or go for a walk.Physical activity of any kind, helps reduce stress. If you are able, volunteer so you are not only giving back but you have a routine. Use relaxation techniques that work for you, yoga, meditation or deep breathing. Try to eat nutritious foods and drink lots of water but it’s ok to have some comfort food once in a while, I know I do! 🙂 There is lots of help out there if you are having a difficult time with this and I highly recommend you use it, its there to help and you will find you are able to get through each day much easier than the last. Love to my Fort McMurray Community and look forward to rebuilding together!

PS If you are having a bad day and just angry at everything and everyone, let people know. If you recall the Rice crispies commercial, ” snap, crackle, pop”, I refer to it as having a “rice crispies kind of day”. If you explain this to those around you so when/if you say it, they will know it’s not personal and that you need your space.

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