We are a registered Non-Profit organization that believes everyone should have access to Critical Incident Interventions and money should not be a deterrent.  We offer free Crisis Interventions to people and organizations in our community.

CISM for Communities believes in the pro-active approach to help people.  We offer free workshops to people and small organizations on Stress Management to help build coping and resiliency skills before a crisis/traumatic event happens.

We have 11 FMM community members and 45 Rural community members professionally trained to respond to critical/traumatic incidents.

The main core components of CISM are:

  • Education and Awareness presentations – building the coping skills before an incident happens.
  • One-on-One Interventions
  • Large Group Interventions (demobilization’s, respite sectors, large group crisis management briefings)
  • Small Group Interventions ( defusings, CIS debriefings, small group crisis management interventions)
  • Surveillance and Assessment (on scene)
  • Follow-up, referral or facilitation of access to continued care.