Critical Incident Stress Management for Communities has been delivering results since we opened in 2014. Although this Non Profit is young, our experience goes back many years. Our goal is to provide both a superior experience and tremendous value for everyone.

Over the past 5 years, we have responded to many incidents, including the 2014 Wildfires in Fort McMurray and BC Wildfires in 2015.  After these disasters,  we trained 100’s of people to do Individual Crisis Intervention. As we know, this is superior to mental health first aid because it takes it one step higher where people learn the skills to have a conversation with people in crisis and help them work through their emotions.  We don’t just listen, we help mitigate long term effects.

Over the past 5 years, we have also helped create more Critical Incident Response Teams, including the RCMP, 100 Mile House CIRT, Fort Chipewyan CIRT, Conklin CIRT and Williams Lake, Cenovus Emergency Responders, Janvier, Anzac and Fort McKay residents.

Founder Valerie O’Leary has over 20 years of experience as an Emergency Responder and 12 years in Critical Incident Interventions There are many Instructors who deliver this training but many have never been involved with Emergency Services and don’t quite understand that world. This is where our training is experienced based and  proven to be a good value for those wanting the training.  Valerie is also trained and specializes in Community and Workplace trauma, Individual and Group Crisis Interventions, a professional Critical Incident Stress Management Instructor and trained in Skills for Psychological Recovery, CBT, Thought Field Therapy, Psychological First Aid and Trauma Assist.

The Team – 16 community members professionally trained  to be part of the Critical Incident Response Team.  These members come from many other sectors who saw the void in the community and are passionate about helping others.  With continually extensive training, these members are able to do everything from Education and Awareness sessions (proactive) to Crisis Interventions.

CISM for Communities also works with other partners across Alberta and BC who are Professionally trained Certified Instructors who have more than 20 years experience.

Want to create your own CISM team?  We also have someone experienced in creation of teams and would gladly assist you on ensuring you have the best team possible.

This truly is a one-stop shop for community and workplace wellness!